Selected Publications

Rails is a design based on redundancy, which provides predictable performance and low latency for reads under read/write workloads by physically separating reads from writes.
USENIX ATC ‘14, 2014

In this work we consider the applicability of erasure coding in Rails and consider the effects of computation due to encoding/decoding on the raw performance, as well as its effect on performance consistency.
INFLOW ‘14, 2014

Recent Publications

. Carving Perfect Layers out of Docker Images. HotCloud 19, 2019.

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. Wharf: Sharing Docker images in a distributed file system. SoCC ‘18, 2019.

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. Improving Docker Registry Design Based on Production Workload Analysis. FAST 18, 2018.

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. Flash on Rails: Consistent Flash Performance through Redundancy. USENIX ATC ‘14, 2014.

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. Erasure Coding & Read/Write Separation in Flash Storage. INFLOW ‘14, 2014.

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. QBox: guaranteeing I/O performance on black box storage systems. HPDC ‘12, 2012.

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